5 Ways to Conserve Energy During Summer | Ethos Electrical Blogs

Energy conservation has become the demand of the hour for residents and companies across the globe. The drastic climatic changes have given us the much-needed wake-up call. The oversight of the past is finally catching up. The global leaders are finally taking up the issue with a sense of emergency. The realization that we might deplete our natural resources is starting to hit us. Though this was always a subtle discussion, the voice of concern is much louder in recent months. As environmental enthusiasts and experts contemplate ways to reverse the damage, we do not have the liberty to wait for a complete plan. Like all other things, all good things begin with a small step. It is every individual’s liability to embrace and implement the change.

Australia is gearing up for summer and preparing for the hottest months of the year. If 2019 is any indication, then the temperature could reach a record high. Fortunately, the modern amenities provide us with a sense of relief, at least within the homes and buildings. The air conditioning and other systems would moderate the temperature within the house. However, this comfort could also have adverse effects on the environment and the pockets. The rising electricity bills are sometimes as high as the temperature. The public often pays exorbitant power surcharges during this season. Though this cannot be avoided, it can be minimized with the right energy-saving techniques. Ethos Electrical, vastly becoming Australia’s leading solar power company, that provides valuable insights into how the consumer finds ways to save energy in summer. These tips would blend simple techniques that do not need expert assistance and guidance for the practical usage of abundant solar power.

1. Switch to energy-efficient appliances

ways to save energy in summer by using LED's

The advancements in the electrical industry have led to the inventions of energy-efficient appliances. These items consume less electricity than traditional options. It is vital to remember that every unit counts when it comes to minimizing usage. The smart devices are in-built with sensor options that would effectively manage these options. However, it might not be financially practical to replace all the instruments; people can start small. An energy-efficient LED light globes could save up to 75% power in comparison to its counterparts. This approach would be extremely beneficial in the extended period.

2. Clean the air conditioner

ways to save energy in summer by cleaning AC

The filter in the air conditioner is consistently exposed to dirt and other pollutants. They circulate the external air to reduce the temperature in the room. The accumulation of these particles would increase the strain in the process. Cleaning the filters would pave the way to save energy in summer. Though consumers can clean the filter by themselves, it is advisable to seek professional assistance once in three months. The temperature of the AC would also play a vital role in this energy usage. Always ensure that the doors and windows are closed to prevent additional heat from entering the room.

3. Avoid Sleep mode

ways to save energy in summer by avoiding sleep mode

This is a typical mistake made by most homeowners. People tend to put their devices in sleep or standby mode. However, we do not realize that there will be steady electricity even in this mode. Always switch off the devices when not in use, even for a short duration. This practice will protect the appliances from sudden power fluctuations. This practice applies to all devices that are commonly used by people.

4. Minimize electrical equipment usage

ways to save energy in summer by minimizing electrical equipments

Every appliance in the house serves a specific purpose. It might be significantly different to survive without them. However, people can develop the habit of managing usage through proper planning. Various smart tricks would aid in minimizing the utility of the appliances. In addition to lowering the power bills, it would also help curb the extra heat circulation inside the house.

5. Harvest solar power

ways to save energy in summer using solar power

Solar power is becoming a reliable energy generation source in Australia. Consumers can utilize abundant natural energy to fulfill the electricity requirements of their houses. This simple installation process can help people to generate the required power from the comfort of their homes. The government also levies various incentive programs to ensure green energy initiatives. The best way to save energy in summer is by utilizing the sun to produce them.

These simple tips can help the public to reduce their electricity bills primarily. Consumers might avoid these simple oversights and save a considerable portion of the bills. However, in addition to conservation, it is also equally critical to identify a mechanism for utilizing solar energy. This one-time investment can aid the public to manage their electricity needs effectively. Our extensive experience in the market empowers us to identify the unique needs of the clients. We provide holistic solutions that would be beneficial for the consumers and the environment. Though this might seem like a promotional article, we implore the readers to seek social and economic benefits. We care for our consumers and are presenting the way to save energy in summer.