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Solar Inverters have become an essential addition to all residential homes and buildings. The smart choice for all homeowners would be to utilize the benefits of solar energy. The summer in Australia is sweltering and humid. Most people tend to struggle with the swerving heat and the huge electricity bills. The solar inverters would absorb the sun’s rays and convert them into electrical energy. In addition to powering the house, the consumers can use this module as a revenue source. The Australian government also provides various incentives for consumers who utilize this energy source.

This is a lucrative segment due to its high demand and necessity. Leading companies provide unique options that would enhance the efficiency of solar panels. The progression in detail motivates the brand to develop innovative products that would improve productivity. Before discussing the best solar inverter, it is vital to discuss the key characteristics that would distinguish them from their peers. The electrical companies and consumers have expressed their views and review almost all the inverters in the market. We have compiled this information and synchronized it with the expert knowledge of our committee.

How to identify the best solar inverters for home needs?


Every home is unprecedented, and so is its feasibility for harvesting solar energy. The solar inverter should be adaptable to these conditions and aid them in the process. The primary aspect that is taken into deliberation is the seal of approval. The Clean Energy Council has levied specific regulations regarding the quality of the product. Always check for compliance with Australian Standard (AS4777). The cost would play a significant role in the selection of the best solar inverter. It is advisable to check with the experts and even get a few quotes before proceeding. The inverter capacity should be instead of all essential conditions like climatic conditions, household requirements, and the budget.

The company providing solar energy management solutions would complete the building to formulate the ideal solution. The size of the inverter would also play a critical role in influencing the decision. It is essential to verify the weatherproof nature of the panel and the inverter. The meeting is consistently exposed to different types of climatic changes. They should be able to endure the harsh conditions and also the sudden fluctuation in temperature. Some companies might also suggest a weatherproofing cage to help consumers protect their solar inverter from this exposure. Most reliable solar systems have a shelf life of 10 to 20 years.

This means that the warranty of the product should be at least for a decade. This will enhance productivity and increase the value of the investment. The progressions in the industry lead to newer models in the segment. Though it might not be possible to replace the existing model, the consumer can upgrade their system. This would help them to expand the production without replacing the existing elements. The efficiency of the solar inverter can be calculated by the amount of electricity generated by similar models. Consumers can research this information online to know more about the subject. These are some of the best solar inverters in the Australian market.

1. Fronius


fronius solar inverters

This European company is quite popular in the Australian market. Their solar inverters rank the best solar inverters across the globe. They are the right brand image and provide particular emphasis on their quality. Though their price range is a little on the higher end, they make it up to their features. They function with high efficiency and are known for their outstanding performance.

2. Sungrow


sungrow solar inverters

This Chinese company focuses on various energy-related niches, which are inclusive of solar and wind power. The company has introduced unique versions of single-phase and three-phase models. These are an economical version which is much cheaper compared to other players in the market. However, the product is reliable and compatible with various devices.

3. SMA

SMA solar inverters

Started in 1981, SMA is one of the pioneers in the manufacture of inverters. The company is currently located in China. The brand’s heritage has always been in its favor. They develop the right quality products. The efficiency of the solar inverter is ranked and rated as satisfactory by the consumers.

4. Solar Edge

Solar Edge solar inverters

Solar Edge, an Israel based company, has contributed to significant innovations in the invertor market. The company developed the concept of string inverters that were synchronized with DC optimizers on each panel. Their products are of high quality and have loads of features. They have great hybrid models that earn them a place in the top five best solar inverters.

5. Goodwe


Goodwe solar inverters

Goodwe is a Chinese company that produces quality and affordable solar inverters. The product is right, and the rate has significantly increased in recent years.