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A smart home for a bright future!

Solar energy is cost effective. Residential solar is the new sustainable choice for many people / families nowadays. House Rooftop Solar panels help utilize solar energy and turn it into solar power that power ups your homes. Installing solar panels as a source of power helps in cost cutting; leading to better savings and maybe more vacation trips. Solar power also reduces dependence on grid supply electricity; easing the overall load on the grid. Along with a high return on investment, domestic solar also ensures an ample amount of savings on electricity bills. On the plus side, it makes the world go green.

Solar rooftop also known as a rooftop Photo-Voltaic power station or PV system, is a photo-voltaic system that has its electric generating solar rooftop panels mounted on the rooftop of a residential building or structure. In this system, solar panels only require a rooftop and minimal maintenance throughout the year. Solar has the potential to prevent more than 16 million tons of carbon in the environment and even reduce its emission. Our services are available throughout Brisbane and Gold Coast.

Benefits of solar power for resedential purpose:

Types of solar rooftops:

  • On-grid solar rooftop system
  • Off-grid solar rooftop system
  • Hybrid solar rooftop system

Benefits of installing rooftop solar:

  • Helps in saving money
  • Reduces humans carbon footprint
  • No additional space / area required for installation
  • Affordable and eco-friendly

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