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Solar Panel cleaning has become the need of the hour due to the increasing energy crisis. The climatic conditions of Australia help the inhabitants to utilise the rich solar energy for their benefit. However, the downside is that these panels are consistently exposed to various forms of pollutants. The subtle but strong sedimentation in these panels would severely impact the production. This motivates the consumers to clean the panels to ensure seamless operations regularly.

Nevertheless, Solar Panel cleaning might seem more complicated than it looks. However, the positive news is that there are valuable tips and information online to provide consumers with insights. The advent of solar panels has been instrumental in handling the energy crisis in Australia. Most households have adapted this progression to save the high electricity bills that threaten their household budgets. There are multiple benefits to choosing this model. The alternative energy market has understood this need and has introduced various innovative solutions. Consumers have the liberty of selecting the ideal system that would be economical and productive. The companies have enhanced their service standards to distinguish themselves from their peers and competitors. Though they provide regular maintenance services, consumers still undertake various DIY methods to cleanse the panels. This might not be a wrong approach if it is executed aptly. Here are certain things that people need to know regarding solar panel cleaning.

Why should you clean your panels periodically?

The solar panels are consistently exposed to various forms of pollutants like dust, bird dropping, and leaves. There is also a possibility that these elements can accumulate over time, causing damage to the system. An unsuspecting layer of dirt could quickly escalate into something bigger if left untreated.

What is the recommended duration between every clean?

Though the panels are regularly exposed to dust, they might not require immediate cleaning. Experts and specialists in the segment suggest that the panels should be cleaned once every six months. It is also advisable to seek expert assistance if there is an excessive build-up or if the panels are located at an odd location.

What are the factors to consider before cleaning?

It is essential to consider certain crucial factors before initiating the process. Some of these aspects include climatic conditions, height, slant, and health condition of the person. Do not clean the panels on a hot summer day. The heat from the panels and the atmosphere could cause various heat-related illnesses. If the panel is placed at a considerable height, it is vital to take necessary precautions.

How should you prepare yourself before the process?

Always have the safety gear in place before thinking of climbing on the roof. It is essential to check the condition of these materials when in advance. The next step would be to take adequate fluids to stay hydrated during the process. Always have the supplies before initiation of the solar panel cleaning.

What are things to avoid while cleaning?

Panels are made of delicate substances that would be damaged if handled in the wrong manner. The ideal method to handle this is to avoid harsh chemicals and rough scrubs. Do not stand or place your entire weight on the panel. Always avoid cleaning during the hottest part of the day.

How should you clean the solar panels?

Cleaning a solar panel takes a lot of patience and perseverance. It is similar to cleaning a glass window or car. Start by wetting the surface with a wash and use a mild soap to cleanse the area gradually. Do not scrub fast, as it might lead to scratches in the panel. Always remember to dry the area with a cloth to avoid residue.

When should you call the professionals?

If the panel is located at a considerable height and slant, it is time to call the professionals. It is essential to understand that the specialists have more experience on the subject and provide the necessary assistance.

Who should you contact for any clarifications?

Various blogs, articles, and videos online would provide ample information about solar panel cleaning. Consumers can also connect with the expert team or contact our customer support team for more details.

Solar panel cleaning might seem like a simple task. However, it is more complicated than the average glass cleaning. The panel’s location and the system’s sensitivity make it vulnerable to certain damages during the process. Some people attempt to handle the cleaning process to save money. Though this is a good initiative, it might not be helpful in the longer run. Sometimes, this might lead to more harm than good, even without their knowledge. People might not realise the consequences of their actions before it is too late. The ideal way to examine the situation is to seek professional assistance wherever necessary. Always access the problem from a broader perspective to take necessary action.